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Daniel Dorko

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Hand made fine art enlargement r11/2 - limited edition of 50

€200.00 EUR

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Photographic enlargement hand made by me. In fact, the whole creative process is done in house - shot on black and white film, developed and enlarged in my proper darkroom by myself.

Silver gelatine enlargement on Ilford RC paper, pearl finish.

Limited edition of 50. All enlargements are signed, stamped and numbered. They also come with a Certificate of Authenticity.

Size: Please note that the actual size of my prints may slightly vary (maximum 5% on either side) - all enlargements are made on demand.

Shipping time may vary. If you would like to double check please get in touch for estimates based on your location. Every order is shipped within 7 days after purchase from Budapest, Hungary using Hungarian Post International Postal Parcel Service.

Please note that the pictures shown are digital mockups. The items pictured (picture frame, decorations etc.) are not part of the product sold. The product purchased is a photographic enlargement only. The actual enlargement may look slightly different compared to image shown on your screen.